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What stock sentra wheels fit on '02 SE-R spV

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My girlfriend bought the '02 SE-R Spec V, and now she needs to get a set of wheels + tires that suit winter driving in Buffalo. She has the 17" with Z rated tires, and the prices on all season 215/45/R17's are pretty steep (not to mention the short sidewall sucks for the snow). She has the normal SE-R speC V brakes (no brembo's)

What nissan sentra wheels would fit on this car? (she wants the cheap steels)

would the 14" wheels with 185/65/R14's fit?

would the 15" wheels with 195/60/R15's fit?

I think the 15's would be best, would the difference in the brakes caliper clearence between sentra models stop the use of the 14's or 15's on a SE-R spec V?

Thanks for any advice :)
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That was my suspision. Thanks for your help, I think that we'll try to get the 15"s for the winter.

One last question,

If the 15" alloys will fit without any clearence issue, will the 15" black steel wheels also fit without a clearence issue? Cause the price difference is quite dramatic.
rselah25 said:
what im not getting at is why do you want/need to get smaller wheels(rims)???all you need is tires....go shop around at tire shops and get the ones made for all season or ones that work especially great for winter....dont degrade the looks of the car by slapping on way smaller rims.....the 17"s are fine....and the tires arent low-profile enough to make a difference, youll find that youll prolly spend as much money trying to get a 15" rim set + tires, as you would juss gettin tires for the 17's......IMO stay with the 17"s....theres a reason also why they arent smaller....because its not good on the car....keep the size or go bigger.....
i live in buffalo NY. there is a LOT of snow here, and 17" all season tires will still not perform very well.

My GF and I are exploring a few options:
if 4 all season R17 tires are ~400-500
if 4 15" rims are 100-150, with tires costing about 150-250 for a set.

These wheels will be for bad weather, not for summer, so the narrower, the better.

still debating which route to take myself, but thanks for everyones advice
we ended up deciding to get the steel 15" wheels, which will cost $140, and the 4 snow tires will cost 74-79 a piece, for a total (with shipping+tax) $483.62

where the cheapest set of 17" snow tires came to $548.42, and the 15"s will handle better in the snow.

the only other question I had was on snow tire preference. The 2 choices are Bridgestone Blizzak WS-50's for $79 each, or Michelin X-Ice for $74 a piece. Does anyone have any info/experience with these brands? Thanks for any help :)
BlankgazeX said:
k1 where do you live in buffalo?? im up here in lockport, had a spec, drove only once in the snow... good luck to her, she is going to need it i hope you get those tires on quick!
We're in Amherst. We took the Spec out to a parking lot yesterday, and she's beginning to get used to how to control it with the summer tires (going to get the snows by the end of the week probably, ordering today), but she'll be fine. If you think she's got it bad, I'm driving a S13 with an open diff and all seasons :)

The best deal that we could get, is through tire rack. 4 15" steel wheel, 4 Blizzak WS-50's, full mounting and balancing, hubcaps included, total with tax and shipping is $575

Thanks for everyones help, and I'll make sure to update on how this beast rides in a blizzard.
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