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What stock sentra wheels fit on '02 SE-R spV

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My girlfriend bought the '02 SE-R Spec V, and now she needs to get a set of wheels + tires that suit winter driving in Buffalo. She has the 17" with Z rated tires, and the prices on all season 215/45/R17's are pretty steep (not to mention the short sidewall sucks for the snow). She has the normal SE-R speC V brakes (no brembo's)

What nissan sentra wheels would fit on this car? (she wants the cheap steels)

would the 14" wheels with 185/65/R14's fit?

would the 15" wheels with 195/60/R15's fit?

I think the 15's would be best, would the difference in the brakes caliper clearence between sentra models stop the use of the 14's or 15's on a SE-R spec V?

Thanks for any advice :)
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I'm running 195/60/15 blizzaks on 15" steel rims on a 03 Spec V.

I recomend getting the 15" because chimmike was correct in saying they will handle better in the snow.

Also, with a extra tire and rim package, you will want to reinstall the stock tires any time the roads are dry unless maybe another winter storm is right around the corner. Winter tires wear out extreamy fast and you don't want to tear them up on dry roads. If you only use them when you need them, they should last at least three seasons. In time, you will save money by not having to remount tires on the stock rims and only using the winter rubber when you need it. It's really nice to have the option to use winter tires or summer tires without needing a tire shop to change them. I wish it were a law to run snow tires in bad weather. I bought my first set about 6 years ago and I will never go without them. Unless I move to a place that never gets snow. A true winter snow tires is about as much improvement as a performace tire is to a touring tire.
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The only real ice tire is going to be a studed tire, or maybe a tire from this place.

Snow tires still help tho because they are good at keeping snow from packing up on them and the rubber compound stays soft in cold temps, so they are better on ice, they just can't dig in and get traction like a studed or diamond green tire can.
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