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Randman said:
This is all wierd to me, I just sold a MR2 Spyder to get this car, on the SpyderChat forums, you could talk about aftermarket performance and not get harped on for it. I didnt buy this car because it had 4 doors and 5 seats to haul my family around in. I bought it because it has a 2.5 liter making 175 hp and 180 torque. In my opinion, that isnt bad power, but I bought it to make it more powerful. Sorry if one more car will be polluting the air, but that is gonna be worth it to me when I get thrown into my seat every time I hit the gas.
You aren't getting harped on for wanting to make your car more powerful. You are getting harped on for going about it in a way that isn't going to make much difference in performance, yet still turn it into a gross polluter. There are plenty of Sentras out there making more power than your Spec-V still running stock cat converters. If you wanted a car that polluted like it was built 30 years ago, perhaps you should buy a 30-year-old car? If you choose to ignore the advice you've been given, then perhaps you shouldn't have asked. No one has been rude to you.
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