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What sensor belongs here?

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I own a 98 200sx SE

Its a sensor that was enclosed in a plasic tube I believe, Next to the battery.

I took it off along with my whole airbox assembly, and cannot find it.

Im throwing a p0110 code and hope thats what is causing the problem.

Any help is appreciated.
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Having a problem trying to find a vendor online that sells them. Only thing that came close was a EGR temperature sensor, which sounds like something different. Possibly the dealer could help me, but I would rather have that as my last resort.
try this link:Nissan Parts 2 U
Still no luck finding this IAT sensor for sale online. Do they call it something else? I was searching and somebody said the IAT sensor is commonly known as the ICV sensor. But It looks completely different. My car isnt running strange. I just need to get rid of this engine light to pass emissions.

Any help on pointing me the right direction would be appreciated
Your best bet might be a junkyard then.
when you click the link, just search for: intake temp sensor and it pops up.
Thank you so much. It was like 32 dollars shipped. Im glad I didnt go to junk yards.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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