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i have a 04 altima 2.5 and have the hub caps, im looking at 2002 3.5 sl rims (not sure of size) with no tires, and 03 350z rims (17") with tires. i just want a clean stock look and slight upgrade. which would fit better? i think the 350 might have different size front/back? the 3.5 rims are much cheaper but if thre the same as my stock hub cap rims i think i can just swap over my new tired onto them and im set. anyone haev idea/suggestion?
The 2002 3.5 SE came standard with 17" alloys. These wheels will certainly fit on your 04. The 2003 350z came standard with 17x7.5s front and 17x8s rear. The offset is to low on these wheels to work on your 04 Altima.
Why are you replacing your wheels?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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