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ok .. im gonna tell you what ive learned bout gas octains and what to use and so on.. heres the deal.. im trying to remember all your questions..

#1.. ga16de AND sr20 engines.. use the low octains if you dont care about the poor deposits that will remain in your car, but the lower the octain.. the faster it burns.. which means. better acceleration.. BUT you will not run as well on the express way.. the higher octains matter at higher speeds..
#2.. ifyou advance timiing.. or add n20 or turbo you need to have the higher octains..
#3.. octain boosters.. the most expensive ones.. only boost power to only up to 10 points.. so if you put 94.. like i do in my turbo probe.. it boosts it to 95 octain..
#4 if you live where i live.. using lower octains can be good in the winter because i noticed my car heats up quicker.. beasue again the fast burning of fuel..
#5.. lower octains like people said.. when they burn faster.. you loose milage.. so if you put a higher octain in .. you will have better gas milage.. because higher octain burns slower and is more effecient.. am i forgeting anyones question?
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