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What is the engine oil capacity for the KA24E?

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I have a 95 4X4 Hard Body 4 cyl. What is the oil capacity? Manual says 3 1/2 quarts but that seems low.
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4 is about right
Does anyone know what it actually says in the owner's manual? I have a Haynes and it says 3 1/2. Doesn't specify if that is with new filter or not. What a $hitty manual. Complete waste of money.
OMG 4 with new filter sits the oil just right on the dipstick
Nissan Factory Service Manual 3-1/2 U.S. quarts w/filter change.

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I don't understand. I put 3 1/2 qts in with a filter change and the oil level was way low on the dip stick. Why does the manual tell you to short change on the oil???? I added another 1/2 qt and it is just shy of the full mark now. I guess i'll leave it at that.
hmm gee...
The owners manual on my 97 four banger with four wheel drive says 4qts without changing the filter and about 4-1/2 if you do change the filter. On a two wheel drive its 3-3/4 and 4-1/8. I guess the two wheel drives have a smaller oil pan.
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