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Hey everyone,

I love my 1987 Nissan Sentra sport coupe, but I have a really good opportunity to buy a pristine 1978 280z, so I think I will sell my Sentra.

But how much should I sell it for?

I will try to post some pictures but these are the basics:

Perfectly straight body/paint. Red in color.

212k Miles, perfect compression/vacume, Just adjusted the valves, new timing belt and water pump, air filter, oil filter, completely re-did the brakes in the rear including new brake lines, drums, shoes, wheel cylinder, and the springs/hardware. New rotors and pads in the front. MSD ignition box, new cap/rotor/plugs/wires.

My brother who is a highly trained technician removed some of the EGR piping/vacume lines to increase response(idles perfectly-like new).

Engine/tranny are in great shape, always starts runs and sounds great.

Interior has new seat covers, mats, steering wheel cover, leather shift boot and nice billet style metal shift nob.

Sorry I'm rambling on and on, you guys get the idea. I was thinking of putting it up for 1500$ obo, is this reasonable?

Any input would be great, I'll borrow my girlfriends camera and upload some pics.


Also, forgot to mention it has some nice 15'-16'(not sure) Black w/chrome lip wheels. And new tires.
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