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I've been thinking about selling my 1987 Sentra Coupe too..
Personally, I wouldn't buy it for 1500, even with all the good stuff you've done to it. IMO, the 200+ mileage is a very huge deterrent for me. At that price I could get a very good stock 93-36 mazda mx6 or mx3 at around 110k.

My car is not as impressive as yours, it works, some things I haven't fully troubleshoot about but doesn't needs money spending at the moment, but it works as it should. I purchased it around 120k miles full stock for 800 dollars, and now its about 135k. I put some money into engine maintenance , but its old and a lot of mechanics say there really is no way around the old sound it makes.

I'm thinking of listing it for 800 again, expecting to get offers around 600. Then again I really love this car. . and originally for 800 I thought was pretty good. . rare, don't see much of this body around. . . maybe I'll just leave it on PNO until after 2 years when I decide to drive again.

Pics are from my purchase, a little over a year ago. the car looks the same as it did.

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