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what do you guys think of these rims?

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i originally bought these for my AE86, but i later sold that. then i figured (after i got my stanza somewhat running..) i figured id try them on to see how they fit. and they work! i just gotta go out and get some different mag lug nuts in order for them to fit on PROPERLY lol.

i got 6 of these rims, 4 of them are the same and 2 of them have a bigger offset. but those were going to be on the rear of the AE86, but once again. i sold the car lol.

here a pic of them. the only thing that stands out is the center of it and its bigger than it should be. ive tried finding some caps but i dont even know what brand they are lol!

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I kinda digg the rims. They look like the ones from Back to the Future.
I think they'll match well with your Stanza. Those sure have an old-school look!
thanks guys! i still havent had a chance to put them on, mainly because im trying to find some locking mag lugs so these dont get stolen and i can have these on the car without getting wallerd out and ruining them.

but sometime ill get them to get on there and take pics and post.
I like them too. Put them to use and lets see some pictures.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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