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seRpwr said:
my stock setting was 10.....
look it up on
i know every car is different. Milage, condition, tune ups, compression settings, ect will affect the outcome of a dyno. all i was asking was if someone out there had similar mods and got their car on the dyno
What? :eek:

SR20DE stock setting is 15 degrees +/- 2.

With that said, if Nissan was conservative when mfg. your car, your stock setting would be at 13 degrees, not 10 degrees. Hell, when people like me set our timing at 17 degrees, even though we 'advanced' it, it is still within Nissan's recommended 'stock' timing. But, since 17 degrees requires higher octane fuel and is pushing the upper limits of engine ping and knocking, it is considered advanced timing.

If you were one of the lucky ones who actually had a factory set timing of less than 13 degrees, you still haven't advanced your timing. 15 degrees is still considered stock running standard octane fuel and not increasing performance based on stock specs.
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