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SoCalB14 said:
Thanks guys. Well, the problem I have is that the dist is already at maximum adjustment. If I adjust it down some, the car will not even run. This would leave one to believe the timing is off, but it isn't, I just did the timing chain myself and I know that all the dots lined up. I drove the car hard, and the catalytic convertor was glowing red, so I know that the timing problem is causing it to run real rich, throwing raw fuel into the cat.

It has a new dist. I am thinking about taking it back and getting a replacement because maybe the dist is bad since it seems to be the only other thing that could cause the problem.

I will put it into timing mode as suggested though so that I can rule out any ecu problems and concentrate only on the dist.

to summerize though, there are no other sensors that affect timing?

Thanks a bunch
If you check the timing by setting the ECU in timing mode, and the distributor is still at maximum adjustment, this is usually due to the timing chain skipping a tooth or two on the exhaust cam or being improperly installed.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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