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Hey Viper,

Forget about your dealer and get them directly from the source.

THERMOS is the company that makes these (including the Nissan Stainless Range)

Have a look in HERE and choose whatever you like. :thumbup:

I'm using one of the Thermos products (not the nissan range) and it fits perfectly.

Here is their branch in Canada:

Canadian Thermos Products Inc.
1315 Lawrence Avenue East
Suite 104
Toronto, Ontario M3A 3R3
Tel: 1-416-757-6231
Fax: 1-416-757-6230

2,232 Posts
Sorry Marc, yes I was only joking, but who knows? I have relatives in Toronto, so I might come for a visit one day (I miss the snow) :) and you can bet that if I do travel to Canada, I'll catch-up with you guys.

Of course you guys are welcome to visit Australia anytime.

Viper: Just keep that coffee nice and warm for me until then..thanks LOL :)

ValBoo said:
WHAT Jalal you are coming to Canada when??? where ????
If you are flying from east to west why don't you drop in Montreal and also say hello to Stephen and I ...

oh, ok, oh, I guess you were joking... Too bad :(
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