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What Coffee Cups for the Cup Holders?

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What do you use that works?

Could sombody recommend a thermo "Go" coffee cup that actually fits in to the cup holders of the X-Trail. I find most thermo cups are too big in diameter, or too tall that they actually interfere with the A pillar.

I have a nice collection of Starbucks Stainless Steel thermo Go Mugs, but none of them fit due to diameter or height.

Seems those cup holders were designed totally around those typical 500ml water bottles.



This one definitely does not fit :rolleyes:

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The Nissan Thermos Bottle a winner

I saw a program that tested products, and one of them was thermoses.

A panel of seven, tested the five top brands, in all kinds of situations, even burying them in snow for up to three hours.

The Nissan Thermos Bottle was the unanimous choice by all!

I've attached a copy of there testing



Our Tests

We put our thermoses to an ultimate test by burying them deep in the snow, filled with boiling hot water to see just how well and how long they keep the contents hot. And of course the taste test – we took another set of thermoses to the slopes hoping for some hot, hot chocolate when we needed it.

Glass with snap up spout
Cost: $9

Thermos Brand
Glass with a stash top for condiments and a twist and pour spout
Cost: $11

Nissan by Thermos Brand
Stainless Steel
Cost: $30

Stainless Steel with a push button cap
Cost: $42

The Drink Test
When it was time to warm up we tested each of the thermoses. They were all easy to pour but the ones with screw nozzles and push buttons were our favourites. We also liked to drink from the larger cups but the smaller ones were more convenient to pack. The stainless steel thermoses kept our hot chocolate hotter.

The Snow Test
After 3 hours we dug up our thermoses to see how hot the water stayed. The water started out at 100°C and when we checked the temperature after here were the results:
Aladdin – just below 60°C
Thermos - 60°C
Nissan - 70°C
Starbucks - 70°C

Our Top Pick: Nissan Thermos
We like that it:

has a deep screw cap
is made of durable stainless steel
is a cheaper option than the Starbucks
kept the liquid hotter for longer
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