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I have a 93 Nissan Sentra (4 Dr. 1.6l) and I live in CA. I went to get smogged and failed. The reason....the cat converter. Is there something better than the stock part to replace it with? Any tips or suggestions would help! Thanks!

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There are cheap ones, like Catco, price is low because you will have to have it welded in, no flanges. Available through Summit.
There are midprice (relatively) like Random Tech, these bolt in.
There is dealer, most expensive but easiest to get.
All seem to work.
Are you sure it is the cat that needs replaceing?
Other tune up issues check out OK?

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Buy the CATCO cat for $60 and have the shop weld the flanges on it for you. I did, I think it was $10 a flange and they swapped it out for me. It performs great! Or, try to find a newer used cat off a sr20 car and put that in, they last quite a while, but to buy an OEM one new is just craziness.

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