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While I had my tires off for rotation, I decided to look into the odd looking air intake because I could not find where it took in air. Well, I found it and am scratching my head at the odd design of the air intake baffle. Mind you, this is not the airbox that houses the filter, this is the intake snorkel chamber.

I believe it is designed like this so we owners can take our PFs through water than can be as high as the tire, yet not hydrolock the engine. Enjoy these few pictures and see why designing an intake may not seem like a simple task.

At the bottom of the 4 tube looking thinks are small holes that may be there to allow water to drain out if water were ever able to get in the baffle.

The intake openning is just above the fender liner on the left side front wheel.

Now, time to hit them streams since we know how deep the water can be and still be safe.
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