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Weird noise in rear..

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When at a complete stop and i start to go and i take off slow i hear this weird noise in the back of the truck. It sounds like something is turning but i can hear it and im about to drive to south carolina in like two weeks so dont want any problems... idk if its the drive shaft or wat... :wtf:
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what does a turning sound sound like? have someone be outside the veh. to see if you can narrow it down.
Im no car expert but it sounds like you hear the drive shaft turning... whenever i take my foot off the gas you don't hear the turning noise.But when i put my foot back on the gas you hear the turning noise again. And you hear it more in like when im doing like 40-60..but when im doing like 70 you doing hear it as much... And its not loud where u hear it over the music but when the car is silent you hear it..
does is sound like a whine? could be an axle bearing or the the R&P. try making the truck dance back and forth (safely) to see if the noise changes. this will tell you a if its the axle bearing.
Whine noise?

I think I might have a similar issue, not sure. I noticed my noise when I replaced the trailer arm bushing. I don't think it is related, but that is when I noticed.

I question if it is a noise coming from the fuel filter. I hear a noise when I am accelerating, if I let off the gas, the noise stops, it is almost like a switch, if I press the gas, it will start again. So understanding that, I assume it is something with the fuel delivery, not an axle, since the noise is only when I press the pedal.
yea thats the way my noise is.. When u press the gas u hear it and when you let off of it the noise stops. But it sounds more like something turning then turning off and on...
When you push the gas and accelerate it puts pressure on your rear axle bearings. When you let off the gas the pressure is relieved. It could be your bearings. Try doing what dvdsawnson said and you should be able to tell.

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