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So i seem to be stumped. In the midst of doing a vacuum distributor conversion on my old sentra. I have a 84 federally equipped unit with the ca electronic photo unit. Trying to get spark and cannot. I do not have the electrical harness for my dizzy(reman did not come with one or a gasket) so im using red and black to designate.

As seen i have a prw0-1 switched power goes into unit from wht/blk wire. From there goes blk/wht + , blue - on coil.


I bought a reman dizzy through work part number 31-699 came raw no harness so had to make connectors today

So i am to understand i just need to connect the bottom terminal to the + coil terminal and the upper to the - terminal.

I have set timing by eye about 5*Btdc ish. Feel thats a safe starting point to atleast get spark.

Any help is appreciated if any of you old sentra ogs can help me get this thing running again

Just for reference i have already replaced the exhaust manifold with a dorman unit part number 674-171 fwiw if it matters any

Also doing a egr delete but am keeping the charcoal canister for ventilation reasons for the fual tank. Before removing old ca dizzy the car ran..... poorly due to hitachi carbs enrichment valve electrical connecter being busted off the carb it was cheaper to just convert to a weber 622 kit
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