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My daughter recently bought a used 2005 2.5 Altima...from a dealership - clean Carfax, etc., but noticed that there was water under the spare in the trunk. The salesman told her that the guy that detailed the car might have laid the steamer hose down and it leaked...whatever. Anyway, they vacuumed all of the water out...all was dry. She had the car over the weekend; it rained heavily, no reappearance of the water (we were wondering if it was a leaky trunk seal). All is well...she buys the car. NOW....suddenly yesterday there is water in the small right side well in the trunk!! It's clean and definitely water, but where in the world could it be coming from? There is nothing on the side trim (liner) to indicate that it has dripped down from anywhere...what is going on here?

Thank you all for your help and ideas.
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