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Water Bypass valve for CAI

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do these bypass valves for cold air intake deadin the sound a little? also, is it worth the $$ to get on of these?
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Slight change in sound... might actually increase it. The flaps in the valve open a bit under WOT.

Do you ever drive through 10-12 inches or water or more? If so, get one... otherwise.... not generally needed if you're careful.
I just ordered the hotshot CAI for my 05' 1.8s. I havent recieved it yet but was wondering if i need a bypass valve and if so where could i get one.

Will i need one if i plan to lower my car? sells would make since to get one if you wanna lower your car, because your filter will be even closer to the ground which will heavily increase the chances of water finding its way up in there....its like 44$ on sure you know which size (ie the diameter of the piping)
you dont need them unless you are putting your cai on a hovercraft. just dont go puddle huntin and you're fine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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