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Hello all,
My '05 1.8s is nearing 50k miles, and the front brakes just aren't what they were when I bought the car at 22k. Does anyone have any suggestions on decent pads and rotors? I use this car as my daily driver, but I do drive up and down a mountain each day to and from school and work, so I'd like to be able to stop quickly. That mountain also eats my brakes fairly quickly, so I guess I wouldn't mind if the new pads and rotors lasted a little while.
Although I'm pretty familiar with my car and I should be ok swapping out the parts (having the full service manual and a previous car that I had to do quite a bit of work on - not by choice - should help), I'm not too familiar with what brands or features I should be looking for when it comes to brakes. I'm not looking to spend bare minimum, but I'm not looking to spend a huge chunk of change, either.
Thanks in advance for any help. :thumbup:
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