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Want to buy new X-trail, what issues should I worry about ?

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Hello people,

Im new to the forum and live in India.
Ive been considering the X-trail which sells here with the older 2.2dci engine(older model with center console meters). I absolutely love the way it drives.
The car mag's say Nissan is going to introduce the new 2.0dci this year but I wouldn't take their word on the launch.
I notice from the forums that the X-trail has a tendency to blow the turbos and intercoolers, an ex-Nissan service man confirmed it too.
I was wondering if it is indeed true and I should put off my idea of getting one or its just one of things I dont need to worry about.
All advice is gladly accepted.
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70 views, no replies ?!?!?! come on people...
I can confirm. first the intercooler had to be replaced and then one month out of warranty the turbo blew. Not uncommon!
Check out honest johns website, he has reviews of most car.. not entirely independant but some good tips

Car review: Nissan X-Trail (2001 - 2007)
yes the diesels have a reputation for blowing turbos, even the new diesels have a name for problems, according to my local stealer.
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