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I started driving in 03 :) but here is my list:

1982 Datsun 200sx<-- indestructible
1979 Datsun 280zx<-- soo heavy
1974 Datsun 240sx <-- amazing
1989 Range Rover Classic <-- blah
1987 Sentra Sport Coupe<-- wooo!

I have to say that Datsuns got me into cars. My 240 was what really inspired me to work on cars, and although I don't know a whole lot I still love doing it.

My Sentra is by far my favorite car to date though. I just love how comfortable I feel in it, how well it handles and how it drives. It literally feels like some kind of go-kart or something, haha.

It is also incredibly easy to work on, which brings easy satisfaction when replacing parts, haha. It was a complete DUMP when I first bought it, no rear brakes at all, and barely any power. But it had great compression(even at 210k miles!) And now after everything I've done it runs so well. Over all Nissan love!
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