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Since I started driving in '91, I've owned the following cars:

  • 1967 Plymouth Belvedere 318 "3-on-the-tree"
  • 1973 Plymouth Satellite (28k-mile survivor from FL)
  • 1999 Firebird Formula (LS1/6spd)
  • 1988 Lincoln Mark VII LSC (winter beater)
  • 2001 Firebird Formula (LS1/6spd)
  • 1990 Sentra
  • 2002 Jetta 1.8T
  • 2003 Mustang GT
  • 1985 Golf Diesel
  • 2005 Ford Focus ZX3
  • 2007 Ford Fusion
  • 1987 Pulsar

I can honestly say that if I had to rank the cars, the Sentra would be pretty high on the list at probably 4th or 5th. The one that I had was bought with 95k miles and was initially bought to use as a winter beater to keep the Formula out of the snow when I got rid of the Lincoln Mk VII. Then, I ended up driving it all the time and Mustang sat more than I drove it. Although I liked the Sentra and took great care of it, I was never worried about taking it to work and someone dinging the door. Tires were dirt cheap for the 13" wheels and it would go through snow like no other car I'd ever owned. To top it off, it was the easiest FWD car to work on under the hood that I've ever dealt with. I haven't had many FWD's, but I've worked on friend's and family's cars and to be honest some of them flat-out suck to work on. If you ever think something is tough to do under the hood of a B12/KN13, go do the same thing on a Ford ZX2 w/DOHC and count your bloody knuckles. The Sentra got great mileage (32-35mpg average)and I put 50k on it before selling it in the fall of '05.
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