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My first car was a 90 Sentra. I LOVED the thing to death. I joined the Air Force and have moved across the country.

Because of the move I sold my baby and bought an 06 Scion Tc (I couldnt depend on a 180,000 mile car to make it 3,500+ miles reliably in a good timeframe...i just couldnt!). I have gotten used to the decent bump in HP and handling it offers. The TC just doesnt offer that "something" that my older car did.

Something about "feeling" the car. Knowing what it was going to do. I knew the Sentra. I can't explain it.

Everything was mechanical, no power this, no hydraulic that. Just me, engine, and wheels.

Can I ever learn to love and appreciate the simple aspects of car love again?

Discuss your experiences, please!
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