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78 Fiat X/19
81 Citation X11
81 Civic
71 Torino GT with a BOSS 302(GRIN)
77 Mustang(all the options)
72 Maverick
88 Dodge 600 With a 2.8L turbo 4. (NO IT'S NOT A K CAR!!!!!!)
69 Rebel SST
81 Corolla(Hunka Crap)
68 F100 with a 390
86 Taurus MT-5(fun car)
82 Datsun 720 KC 4x4(favorite and still have it)
91 Aerostar
88 Jimmy 4x4
88 Sentra(Still have it, like it)

The Datsun is by far my favorite. She is my baby girl. Me and my wife celebrate her birthday we give her christmas presents, we treat her like our daughter.

The Senta nothing wrong with it, but Sentra's are kinda POS's in so many ways. They are cheaply made, cheaply put together, some parts are nasty expensive, but I really enjoy the car. It's not a powerhouse, but with these ultralight wheels it helps. It's a bit peppy, with the decent tires it corners well. I know what the car is going to do and when. I'm in SYNC with the car. It gives PLENTY of warning if it wants to slide out or understeer(this one isn't likely). She gives no warning when breaking the tires loose off the line(this car loves to do this).

Still for a daily driver though, I just can't beat the truck. She doesn't corner at high speeds(deadly), BUT with her small lift, beaten fenders(clearance) and 33x12.5x15 Khumo Road Venture M/T's she has NEVER gotten stuck, she just goes right over everything. Come to think of it she didn't get stuck with the old bald cheap 31x10.5 Avon MT's either. She sure did spin them though. She has 250K on the odometer, original engine. Only things that have been replaced are head gasket, water pump, fuel pump, timing chain tensioner and guides(from the head gasket change I broke them TSK TSK), and aside from that she's been straight upgrades. The waterpump and fuel pump I replaced at about 240K, and they were the original parts. Truck still runs STRONG!!!! Oh yeah I've had to replace the exhaust from the manifold to the muffler. Rest of the exhaust is original.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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