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And My List:
81 or 82 can't remember Datsun 310 GX (the rounder version), nice car, louvers, pacesetter dual monza exhaust tip, 2 hella rally 2000 lights on top of front bumper, pirelli P77 tires with mickey thompson like side biter tread, my want to be rally car, used to go off road in it.
75 ford mustang 2 with the 302, fast, raced a 327 chevelle last week of high school and beat him, but always leaked oil in the valley front of the intake manifold, once broke a leaf spring doing a burnout out of a gas station
87 Nissan king cab 4x4, SE-V6, bought brand new, kept it 14 years, too much too list, need any help with the D21 hardbody's let me know, I've replaced or broke nearly everything on that truck, traded it in for next truck, should have never got rid of it, looking for another newer one now,
2001 dodge dakota clubcab sport 4x4, fast 4x4 system sucked, ended up giving it back to dodge, won't buy another one
1990 Nissan sentra, I know more about this car than some of the dealers do, bought for $580 have about $6500 into it now, doing a custom Maxima alternator upgrade in it this weekend stay tuned...
2005 Nissan Titan SE 2wd, nice truck just needs 4 wheel drive
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