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My first car was a 90 Sentra. I LOVED the thing to death. I joined the Air Force and have moved across the country.

Because of the move I sold my baby and bought an 06 Scion Tc (I couldnt depend on a 180,000 mile car to make it 3,500+ miles reliably in a good timeframe...i just couldnt!). I have gotten used to the decent bump in HP and handling it offers. The TC just doesnt offer that "something" that my older car did.

Something about "feeling" the car. Knowing what it was going to do. I knew the Sentra. I can't explain it.

Everything was mechanical, no power this, no hydraulic that. Just me, engine, and wheels.

Can I ever learn to love and appreciate the simple aspects of car love again?

Discuss your experiences, please!

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Since I started driving in '91, I've owned the following cars:

  • 1967 Plymouth Belvedere 318 "3-on-the-tree"
  • 1973 Plymouth Satellite (28k-mile survivor from FL)
  • 1999 Firebird Formula (LS1/6spd)
  • 1988 Lincoln Mark VII LSC (winter beater)
  • 2001 Firebird Formula (LS1/6spd)
  • 1990 Sentra
  • 2002 Jetta 1.8T
  • 2003 Mustang GT
  • 1985 Golf Diesel
  • 2005 Ford Focus ZX3
  • 2007 Ford Fusion
  • 1987 Pulsar

I can honestly say that if I had to rank the cars, the Sentra would be pretty high on the list at probably 4th or 5th. The one that I had was bought with 95k miles and was initially bought to use as a winter beater to keep the Formula out of the snow when I got rid of the Lincoln Mk VII. Then, I ended up driving it all the time and Mustang sat more than I drove it. Although I liked the Sentra and took great care of it, I was never worried about taking it to work and someone dinging the door. Tires were dirt cheap for the 13" wheels and it would go through snow like no other car I'd ever owned. To top it off, it was the easiest FWD car to work on under the hood that I've ever dealt with. I haven't had many FWD's, but I've worked on friend's and family's cars and to be honest some of them flat-out suck to work on. If you ever think something is tough to do under the hood of a B12/KN13, go do the same thing on a Ford ZX2 w/DOHC and count your bloody knuckles. The Sentra got great mileage (32-35mpg average)and I put 50k on it before selling it in the fall of '05.

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Here are my previous cars starting with the earliest -
-1982 Ford Escort Wagon
-1990 Honda CRX
-1982 Honda beater
-1994 Honda Del Sol
-1994 Toyota Celica GT
-1994 Honda Civic DX
-1998 Nissan 200sx
-1989 Nissan Sentra Sport Coupe

I can say this - Out of all the cars I've owned, My '89 Sport
Coupe is the best out of all of them. That includes comfort
and reliability. Plus it's the most fun to drive.

I still own my '94 Celica GT. It runs perfect and it has a tarp
over it in my driveway because I choose to drive the Sport Coupe.
People love that Celica..but I'm not out to impress anyone. I
love my Nissan. If that doesn't convince you, nothing will. :)

b12's are superior cars in my opinion.

Oh, and like nickthegenius said, They are awesome to work on.
I love working on my ga16i. Love it.

I really want to get my hands on a Nissan NX to start my
Nissan Army.

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78 Fiat X/19
81 Citation X11
81 Civic
71 Torino GT with a BOSS 302(GRIN)
77 Mustang(all the options)
72 Maverick
88 Dodge 600 With a 2.8L turbo 4. (NO IT'S NOT A K CAR!!!!!!)
69 Rebel SST
81 Corolla(Hunka Crap)
68 F100 with a 390
86 Taurus MT-5(fun car)
82 Datsun 720 KC 4x4(favorite and still have it)
91 Aerostar
88 Jimmy 4x4
88 Sentra(Still have it, like it)

The Datsun is by far my favorite. She is my baby girl. Me and my wife celebrate her birthday we give her christmas presents, we treat her like our daughter.

The Senta nothing wrong with it, but Sentra's are kinda POS's in so many ways. They are cheaply made, cheaply put together, some parts are nasty expensive, but I really enjoy the car. It's not a powerhouse, but with these ultralight wheels it helps. It's a bit peppy, with the decent tires it corners well. I know what the car is going to do and when. I'm in SYNC with the car. It gives PLENTY of warning if it wants to slide out or understeer(this one isn't likely). She gives no warning when breaking the tires loose off the line(this car loves to do this).

Still for a daily driver though, I just can't beat the truck. She doesn't corner at high speeds(deadly), BUT with her small lift, beaten fenders(clearance) and 33x12.5x15 Khumo Road Venture M/T's she has NEVER gotten stuck, she just goes right over everything. Come to think of it she didn't get stuck with the old bald cheap 31x10.5 Avon MT's either. She sure did spin them though. She has 250K on the odometer, original engine. Only things that have been replaced are head gasket, water pump, fuel pump, timing chain tensioner and guides(from the head gasket change I broke them TSK TSK), and aside from that she's been straight upgrades. The waterpump and fuel pump I replaced at about 240K, and they were the original parts. Truck still runs STRONG!!!! Oh yeah I've had to replace the exhaust from the manifold to the muffler. Rest of the exhaust is original.

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I started driving in 03 :) but here is my list:

1982 Datsun 200sx<-- indestructible
1979 Datsun 280zx<-- soo heavy
1974 Datsun 240sx <-- amazing
1989 Range Rover Classic <-- blah
1987 Sentra Sport Coupe<-- wooo!

I have to say that Datsuns got me into cars. My 240 was what really inspired me to work on cars, and although I don't know a whole lot I still love doing it.

My Sentra is by far my favorite car to date though. I just love how comfortable I feel in it, how well it handles and how it drives. It literally feels like some kind of go-kart or something, haha.

It is also incredibly easy to work on, which brings easy satisfaction when replacing parts, haha. It was a complete DUMP when I first bought it, no rear brakes at all, and barely any power. But it had great compression(even at 210k miles!) And now after everything I've done it runs so well. Over all Nissan love!

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Here's me...

1972 Pinto (yes I had to cruise in a Pinto) Sold it and it got converted to a drag car...
1990 Mustang LX
1989 Mustang LX Convertible
1987 Crysler Fifth Avenue
1978 Dodge D150 Truck
1955 Chevrolet (350 TPI 450 HP) (Still got it)
1990 Nissan Sentra (still got it gotta ca18det in it)
1989 Dodge Lancer (sold it for $700)
1989 Nissan Sentra (still got it, is my work car)
2000 Dodge Durango (Still got it and it gets 21 mpg - go go K&N + Flowmasters)

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...and me:

1984 Datsun Nissan Sentra B11
1985 Nissan Sentra B12

Almost I cried when I have to buy my old '84 Sentra.

Just ONE day after... I ran to buy the new Sentra '85 to a neighboorhood.

I still have my Sentra 85, really I love it.

I can't buy this car, is as a part of my family.
My wife love it the "baby" Sentra.
We are very happy with it!

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And My List:
81 or 82 can't remember Datsun 310 GX (the rounder version), nice car, louvers, pacesetter dual monza exhaust tip, 2 hella rally 2000 lights on top of front bumper, pirelli P77 tires with mickey thompson like side biter tread, my want to be rally car, used to go off road in it.
75 ford mustang 2 with the 302, fast, raced a 327 chevelle last week of high school and beat him, but always leaked oil in the valley front of the intake manifold, once broke a leaf spring doing a burnout out of a gas station
87 Nissan king cab 4x4, SE-V6, bought brand new, kept it 14 years, too much too list, need any help with the D21 hardbody's let me know, I've replaced or broke nearly everything on that truck, traded it in for next truck, should have never got rid of it, looking for another newer one now,
2001 dodge dakota clubcab sport 4x4, fast 4x4 system sucked, ended up giving it back to dodge, won't buy another one
1990 Nissan sentra, I know more about this car than some of the dealers do, bought for $580 have about $6500 into it now, doing a custom Maxima alternator upgrade in it this weekend stay tuned...
2005 Nissan Titan SE 2wd, nice truck just needs 4 wheel drive

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You must have either been downtown or near Ft. Campbell. I really can't tell you why they do it, but they do. Looks stupid if you ask me. But, as my grandmum said, "There are enough ways for everyone to have one."

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First Car

93' B13 SE-R (love at first corner)

92 Caprice (stock rims but the cam and shift kit weren't)

91 F-150 XLT (nice truck but not quite big or strong enough plus it was A/T and not four wheel)

98 Astro ( it had shelves give me a break)

90 B12 ; Some have seen me post on this. It has a GA16i with a knock and likes to smoke. Currently waiting for my tax return to fund a GA16DE swap. Then looking into a JWT ECU and drive train as well as suspension and brake upgrades. The 90 SER was the best car i have driven, and ive been behind the wheel of an 06' WRX with 25 grand dumped into the engine and suspension. ( I personally hate the transmission in those things. To sticky and unresponsive.):newbie:
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