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blah, prob shoulda put this in QG18 section, but whatever. its relevant here as well.

here the problem

at or near 3500-4000rpm (i cant tell, no tach), im hearing a sort of whistle sound...a whistle, or a high pitched squeal...started happening maybe 2 months ago, sporadically at first, now i'm noticing it more and more (it seems to happen more when its very cold, doesnt matter if the engine is at operating temperature or not

**edit** -- its a momentary whistle, almost like it happens in a 100-200rpm gap

now, i do SOME slightly spirited driving, but the car is definately not abused.

not a CLUE what it could be

specs on the car ::

2003 Nissan Sentra XE
auto-tragic, QG18 powered econobox with 11,860miles and an assload of audio gear
oil is changed every 3-4 months, regardless of mileage, always used Mobil 1 5w30 full synthetic

car has ZERO mods whatsoever (aside from stereo bits)

can anyone give me an idea? im not too keen on taking the car back to the dealership just yet, simply because as of now, theres no headliner, the majority of the plastic trim panels are in my garage, no CD player, gutted trunk, i KNOW theres no way they can blame engine issues on plastic trim panels, but i'd rather not tell them everything i'm doing to the car
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