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I, at first, only went with the OEM valve cover gasket. The dealer in my area had the primary valve cover gasket, but they didn't keep in stock the 4 little spark plug hole gaskets (which should be replaced too). One parts guy I talked to tried to convince me I didn't have them at all...

A little fed up, what I did was go down to Schucks/Napa/Checkers/AutoZone/whatever and bought the complete Felpro-made valve cover gasket set. They had it to me in a day or 2 (compare with the dealers "it'll be here in about a week"), and it came complete with the valve cover gasket, the four spark plug gaskets, and 16-20 new metal and rubber washers to secure the valve cover. Nice!

Felpro makes good gaskets, its what I'd recommend.

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