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dang... just had found a vid of a skyline with the nissan v-8, clicked wrong on the screen and can't find it again.
THE MYSTERY REMAINS. seen one though. ;P

here's an attempt in the same direction.. gotta love all these grease monkey you see droppin nissan v-8 in stuff in their backyard.
YouTube - Nissan VH41DE going into skyline then VH41DETT

YouTube - R34 Skyline with a twist

yeah.. i'm not quite sure.. but are they implying that that was a freakin V-8 Skyline station wagon? LOL. SOMEONE PLEASE CLEAR THIS UP FOR ME.


Since I neglected to turn up the nissan powered Skyline..
from me.. to you..

YouTube - Supra vs Skyline

some good regular skylines... the way they were made and intended.
YouTube - Skyline Drag Races

YouTube - 800 HP Skyline GTR vs 1000 HP Supra TT

YouTube - Nissan Skyline GT-R Intro
nice lil part... 240 drifting with Skyline

dang.. gotta go. been fun.
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