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V6 4x4 1988 Starting problem.

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My D21 stalled in the middle of the road and now will not start :( We did some tests and determined that it did not have spark. I changed the coil and still no spark. I got 12V at the coil's harness when the key is turned on. I checked the computer's codes and it keeps doing one red and one green blink: that's supposed to be the crank sensor. I got two different distributors from a buddy and still no spark. I changed the cap and rotor too. I am now stumped :wtf:
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is there a way to test the distributor/crank sensor?
Does anyone have a VG30i wiring diagram? Please help! I need the truck to help a friend move.
I can't seem to find one specifically for the V6 throttle body VG30i engine, and my Haynes manual only had diagram for 4-cyl. Can anyone send a link or point me in the right direction? thanks
I think that's just the fuse box diagram, I would need the full diagram like the one on 13-18, but that's for the 4-cyl.
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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