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V6 4x4 1988 Starting problem.

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My D21 stalled in the middle of the road and now will not start :( We did some tests and determined that it did not have spark. I changed the coil and still no spark. I got 12V at the coil's harness when the key is turned on. I checked the computer's codes and it keeps doing one red and one green blink: that's supposed to be the crank sensor. I got two different distributors from a buddy and still no spark. I changed the cap and rotor too. I am now stumped :wtf:
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I can't seem to find one specifically for the V6 throttle body VG30i engine, and my Haynes manual only had diagram for 4-cyl. Can anyone send a link or point me in the right direction? thanks
The Haynes manual does have a manual for the VG30i engine. It is on the first page of diagrams on the right side, in section 6. Get a magnifying glass as that's going to be the only way you'll be able to read the labels.

Did you replace the high voltage wire between the distributor and coil? If it's bad, you'll be dead in the water. The distributor also sends the firing signal to the injector. Since you removed it, make sure that you have it installed correctly. Judging from prior threads, these are a PITA to get right.
No, it is not the fuse box diagram. Look in section six chassis electrical. At the end of the assembly and disassembly instructions for the various components covered, there are several pages of wiring diagrams covering both four and six cylinder trucks and pathfinders. I've been making a study of these diagrams due to the wonky electrical issue that I'm trying to chase down on my own truck. The VG30i Pathfinder and Hardbody truck share the same wiring diagram, and the label at the bottom of the diagram states that it is for both vehicles. There are two diagrams that deal with the electrical on our trucks. One will show three fuseable links across the top left near the battery, and a fourth tucked away in the mid-upper right side of the diagram. There is a second one a page or two (I'm at work right now, and cannot look up the exact page numbers) after that shows ONE fuseable link that goes to the alternator charging circuit. You'll need a magnifying glass to read the text for the component labels. If I can remember to by the time I get home from work, I'll look up the page numbers and post them.
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