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SoCalB14 said:
Yeah, they were pretty bad when I bought the car. I wet sanded them, then used rubbing compound and plastic polish using a random orbital polisher and they are in much better shape. I am a firm believer that D.O.T. Standards for lumens is pathetic, so I am always trying to max out my lighting.

I did switch over to 9004 XV (Sylvania's) and the lighting systems works fine, although it is dimmer than it should be (IMO). Once I get the rest of the car working correctly, I probably will try the relay idea because 700 lumens just ain't gonna cut it when a 9007 can put out 1000. I think it will work because the relay will draw next to nothing from the Headlight circuit, and I will just run a fused 12ga wire straight from the batt to the relay, to the bulbs.

I realize that I could go with a different housing for HID or Projector beams, but the name of the game is bang for the buck :) 9007's are the same price as 9004's yet they are much brighter.
Are the 9007's a higher Wattage then ?
I run the relays for main and dipped that came with my Halos. One burnt out and Pep boys stock the same style for $5 that plug into the socket as "fog light accessories."
I did not look but you should be able to buy the socket as well. These clearly work well, are low draw and are rated at 30A (or 360W if you prefer to think in watts)
One final thought, use a thermal interupter instead of a fuse if you can, then the lights will recover once a problem is fixed. I had a car that had this and it was a real plus when I had some electrical problems. I purchased mine at an RV store.
Good luck.....
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