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SoCalB14 said:
Well I have 9007's in the car because 9004 are as bright as a lighter. Since 9007's are a much better setup, I installed those, but now have the stupid headlight problem -- I'm thinking it is drawing too much current through the circuit. Quick ? -- Has anybody tried to use a relay with the low beam? (The high should be fine, it's still 65w) The relay should reduce the current to next to nothing on that circuit and even boost the voltage slightly to the 9007 bulbs.

I really don't want to go back to the 9004's.
I think that I would be tempted to try this (without knowing the wattage of the low beam bulbs). Cut the low beam power wire a few inches away from the socket on both sides.Use the low beam power wire from 1 headlight to energize the coil of the relay, obviously you would ground the other terminal (I'm trying to remember is this 86,87 or 85,87?). Now run your 12 gauge wire from the battery to one of the terminals on the load side of the relay. Now connect 2 wires onto the last terminal of the output side of the relay, one going to each of the cut wires going into the harness. Assuming the relay can handle the wattage of the bulbs, then this will prevent any damage to the circuit. Also I assume that the 9007 are a direct fit into the factory sockets ?(since this would be better bang for the buck :) ).
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