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Hey guys,

I have a 1994 3.0 Cefiro with 170,000kms, I have had it for about 3 months, due to needing a van I am being forced to sell it.

Typical, as soon as I put it up for sale and get some interest it starts developing problems. I could just sell the car as is but I want to sell it with a clear conscience, and without spending a fortune on mechanics on a car I wont own anymore, so I'm here to ask if anyone might know whats causing it.

The problem is pretty simple, when the engine is cold - or cool the car starts and runs fine, however if you stop at the shop or petrol station for two mins and try n start it again the engine just turns over without even a hint of firing and gives of a smell of petrol. If i return to in in about 15-20mins i can turn it over n it tries to fire - pump the accelerator and it will reluctantly start. Give it a good few revs and then it's back to normal. The car runs pretty much normally after that, it just maybe stutters a little when you accelerate from standing but thats all.

It first did it about a month ago but only very occasionally, now as soon as i put it on trademe it starts to do it every time I stop if the engine is hot (the temp gauge reads perfectly right in the middle).

Any ideas would be very much appreciated as the auction closes in a couple days and I don't want to sell anyone a dodgy car.
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