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racinsentra said:
How much are the urethane body kits for a b14 sentra? where can you get them from?
I don't think there are many companies that offer urethane kits, one that is for sure is the GTR kit offered by Erebuni. I have this kit, it fits like a glove with NO modifications. I've seen many, many fiberglass kits for hondas and the such that don't even come close to fitting and yet these companies sell millions of these junk body kits. Biggest reason, cheap $$$. The GTR for the 200sx cost me like $1100.00 with the rear spoiler and the ten piece kit (i think that's how many pieces) and I think for the sentra it's like a 14 piece kit. Some of the guys on this forum with sentras have this kit, maybe they'll post some pics too. I know that B14STEALTH has this kit on his car. Anyways check out erebuni's site for the GTR. Take it form me it's worth the extra cash for this kit, it is made to fit and does.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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