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Well, my $800 wonder chassis has been nothing but trouble...

The spare "Engine" I ordered turned out to be a long block with a spun rod bearing WORSE than the engine that's IN the car! :(

Also, both engines were so clogged up with sludge we tore both of them down to bare blocks, and have been Power Cleaning so many parts, that the neighbors are looking at us funny, and the grass is starting to die :)

Anyway, we're putting the engine together today, and probably slapping it back in over the next few days...

I was looking at parts we pulled off to get where we are at, and it looks like my driver side, and front "dogbone" motor mounts are shot. Haven't really looked at the other two at all though.

Does anyone make upgrade motor mounts in eurethane for the b13 chassis?

Thanks alot guys.

- SE-R Kid -
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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