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Hey guys... for anyone interested, there are two track events coming up in the northeast. One at Limerock Park on 9/7 and one at Watkins Glen on 10/5. Both are with PDA ( Limerock, Joe Diminno and myself will be there. I think Craig Demaschi and Jack Laverty might be there as well as it's the closest track to them. Anyway, if you come, you're guaranteed to see some SE-Rs whooping on C5s, Z06s, porsches, vipers, ferraris (ok, maybe that's a bit much but last event Joe and I were just about keeping up)... I won't even mention the lowly 'other' cars ;) Anyway, if anyone's interested in coming, we could probably arrange rides around the track for the first few yellow laps.

And Watkins Glen we'll have a larger SE-R contingent. I believe in addition to Joe and myself, Ray Kawsi with turbo, Jim Schumacher with VE, Mike Pahls with Beast JR, and Mark Schoenholz will be there. It'll be *LOTS* of fun to watch that day as we're all going to try to get into the same run group so you can see SE-Rs duking it out as well!

PM me or reply if you're interested in coming.

There'll also be an enduro at Watkins Glen on 10/12 which Joe Diminno, Lee Koloszyc, and Barry Brown will be driving in. I'll be there crewing for them
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