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2001 Sentra SE. My wife's underhood insulation is soaked with motor oil due to a botched wal-mart oil change about 4 years ago, before we were married and I started changing her oil. Long story short, over time the low-side A/C hose degraded due to the oil-soaked insulation touching it and now the A/C doesn't work. I ordered some hose to fix the problem but I also want to replace the underhood insulation since that is the cause of the issue. I called my local dealer. It's $161 ! That seems crazy for a piece of compressed fiberglass insulation.

I am thinking about hitting the local junkyard, but I'm assuming I can only use the underhood insulation from a B15 and it may be even more specific than that. You don't see too many 2000 or newer cars in the junkyard so I'm not expecting to find one. Any suggestions?

Is there anywhere I can order from online that sells discount OEM parts?

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