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i posted this over at .net but wanted a second forum opinion:
i had the UR pulley installed today and it didnt go so smooth. first it took the guys at the shop about 3 hours to do the job. supposedly they had a lot of trouble getting the power steering belt off. i even printed out pvicks write up and gave it to them.
once they were done they handed me the old pulley, belts and a bolt with a rectangular metal piece. i said, "what is this bolt from?" they said that it was a tensioner bolt that could not go back in place since the new pulley and belt sat lower and was tighter than when stock. the hole didnt line up to put the bolt in because of this. they said the only way to get it back in was to take the PS belt back off and put the bolt back in. since i had already been at the shop for 3 hours i just said forget it. they all assured me that it would do no harm not having it in but now i am having second thoughts. they said hold onto the bolt and put it back if changing the pulley or a belt. am i ok without the bolt or should i get it put back on. if you need pics i can post.
that aside, i have all the same performance gains that everyone else has gotten from changing a pulley. wheels really want to spin in the first 2 gears and no "feeling" when switching on the AC at crusing speed.
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