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I cut the ground wires on the front turn signals, it was on my 93' Sentra and it worked for the front and back, i had it for a long time. And worked well. Very easy mod

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I wish there was a way to have it hyperwhite on the parking lamp but it would blink amber. I tried once to put two blubs in each corner :D. It looked sweet as fu*k except that it was Ghetto as hell and it turned to a disaster in itself.

here's my future plan:
I already have superbright 1157 LED bulbs on order

I will be using these for the parking lights. BTW, anyone have any experience with these?
as for the blinkers, here's my story and plan:
My fog lights are cracked (both of them). In the store, I've seen fog lights that have a 2nd bulb built in. If I get those, I can fix the fog light problem plus I can put an amber bulb in the 2nd socket and use that as my signal.

I think it'll look sweet.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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