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Hey all,

Well, Im looking for a turbo kit intercooled for my spec v :) :) :) :) ,
does any one know of any?

I know area 51's got a super in production;

Does anyone know whats going on with Stillen or Nismo or anything?

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No turbo's yet. Nismo has blow up about a dozen QR25's working on soem turbo kits... at least thats the rumor. There is one person making a custom kit, but he has not yet tested it. Other than that your reduced to getting a shop to make you a custom kit. Beware that 245whp is the much published max HP for the Spec V QR25

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how devistating =[

well thanx for the info,
i apreaciate it

i guess i could give them a little more time...

after all,
the spec v's havent been in the market that long

haha. i bet theres like 10 turb kits for the 2005 civic...
dam ricers
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