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Over the last maybe 2 weeks, my turbo has been acting up. It would feel like the turbo is "sticking" some times. During normal acceleration it wouldn't build boost. Then if I stomped on the throttle and let the RPM's get up to like 5k or more, it would all of the sudden kick in. It's been very intermitant. Then this morning, it did it real bad, I took off from 1st gear and took it all the way to red line and it only built up 5 psi, same in 2nd and 3rd gear. Does this sound symptomatic of any typical turbo problems ? Maybe I have a leak or something ? I'm really hoping my turbo isn't shot. I use an S-AVCR boost controller set for about 12 psi (.85 bar) at 50% solenoid duty cycle starting at 2500 rpm and ending at 7000. Can any of you help ? Thanks for any recommendations in advance.

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