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Just bought a $100 KA24E from a guy building a drift car, about 10 miles away from me. It is all taken apart, but that's good so I can measure everything and decide what to keep or send for machining,etc. Came with everything from alternator to trans, and has 90k on it.

So while my KA is knocking away I wanna build a budget turbo setup, one component at a time. Then when my KA blows up, swap it for the KA-T. I am only wanting +-250hp out of it. Don't want to race, just want quickness to get around the unofficially speed limit free highways around here.

I just want to know which parts are essential, or highly recommended. Reliability is a concern, as fall and winter months suck (particularly this winter) to do repairs.

I have contacted spooled motor sports about a g3 turbo and an intercooler. They could sell me a kit for $1500, but it did not have a downpipe, and a couple other things. I can build my downpipe, and I have read on these forums about a manifold from another car that fits with a little modification.

I would like to hear from anyone who has done this, where they got parts, good/bad experiences...recommendations on if I need new pistons/rods first etc.
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