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Turbo GA16 update

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Project Pictures

More work done, you can see the nice fab. work that John from O2Induction did on the Disco Potato. Click the above link!

Teaser pic.

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HOLY HOT DAMN!! Lookin' good man!! gonna hafta see this in person!! ;)
Damn Wes!!! Your car gets more "drool-on-the-keyboard" beautiful everytime I look at it. Nice work. Now I REALLY need to come look at it.
wes said:
Thanks guys, car is pretty insane thus far. I didn't realize that the WG on the potato is set to 16 PSI right out of the box so the first drive was interesting. One thing for sure is that the potato is VERY responsive. Even in 2nd gear at about 1500 RPM's when you hit the gas instant wheelspin at 16 PSI.

Needless to say I did not boost it but once or twice given the boost pressure, I am going to adjust the Wastegate and see how low I can get it set.
Sounds like someone is going to need a FEW sets of tires. ;)
wes said:
For those keeping up the car is now 100% ready to roll. Sorted out all the small issues and as soon as the ice is off these godforsaken roads I wil have more to tell!
OH, come on, Wes!! Don't let a little ICE stand in your way!! It's not like you've spent that much money on that car. ;)
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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