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Turbo GA16 update

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Project Pictures

More work done, you can see the nice fab. work that John from O2Induction did on the Disco Potato. Click the above link!

Teaser pic.

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James said:
Holy cow, 16psi! That's like what 275-280whp??? NICE WORK!!! :thumbup:

(Sorry I was busy when you AIM'd me, was watching AvP... :) )
I doubt it's that high... but getting there.. I've actually hit up to 20psi on mine several times... just never dyno tested it above 14 psi... that's the point where the 240 maf begins getting squirley, Plus the testing at JWT was on the conservative side... which is good for keeping it safe and of course suited the goals at the time ;)

Can't wait to see the rest Wes....keep up the great work!
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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