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Okay guys...... finally about to start doing some serious work to my 98 200sx. This is my second project car and I want to do everything right with this one because it has to get me through college and hopefully last a few years afterwards.

So.... some history first. My first project car was a 95 chevy cavalier which went great until I threw a rod in it. Few months later..... wristpin in the second....... two months later.... wristpin in the THIRD! My exaust setup was just a flowmaster 40 series, no cat, and a K&N drop-in. Quite a few expert family and friend mechanics told me that by cutting the cat I unbalanced the air/fuel ratio and all so that's what caused me to break the pins.

So..... I'm looking to go with a K&N filter connected to the stock tubing until I can get a JWT pop charger. So with that in mind..... now I'm trying to figure out what kind of exaust I need to go with to keep things BALANCED. I want magnaflow exaust for sure..... but my question is should I get a cat-back system with the stock diameters or would I be fine with just putting a magnaflow muffler on it with the stock cat and piping? Will this be properly "tuned" and balanced, giving me power gain but ALSO keeping it where it won't do any harm to my engine? Keep in mind please this is my daily driver that I'm paying notes on and don't want to screw anything up on my baby.

Sorry if this is a noob question but I'm rather confused. My car club president brought it to my attention about how things should be tuned.... and not slapped on. Sort of an enlightment I should have gotten a year ago and I'd still be driving my ole' cavy possibly. Not that I don't like my nissan though, cause I love it :D
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