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salaki said:
To: All DFW Subaru owners / Automotive Enthusiast

Death Tolls for the following countries:
Indonesia 94,081
Sri Lanka 30,196
India 9,479
Thailand 5,187
Somalia 200
Myanmar 90
Maldives 80
Malaysia 68
Tanzania 10
Bangladesh 2
Kenya 1
Estimated total 139,394
(still grow as we speak)

Indonesia, my home, place I grew up, had sufferred the most casualties and damages.

I am called to help these people (including other sufferring countries) by collecting donations from those who cares.

I would like to invite all of you DFW Subaru / car enthusiasts to drive together to help the victims of this natural disaster.


Donation is not required but encouraged :)

Monetary Donation - $$$

I am currently working with who will forward donations to American Red Cross on our behalf.

Check donation is strongly advised rather than cash.
Cash donation is also accepted and will be pooled into one fund and will be donated by Apex to American Red Cross.

For check donations please make check payable to American Red Cross & in the memo, please write Asian Tsunami Relief.
If you wish to have a Tax Deductible receipt form, I will need to your your name, address, and amount of donation to send to the American Red Cross.

Goods Donation
Material donation is also accepted but encouraged to be made directly to DFW American Red Cross -

Please see below for items that are in urgent demand (from Indonesian embassy in Houston) :
Food, including instant food and infant’s food, body bag, fresh water, generator set, medicines, tent, blanket, shroud, cotton, mosquito nets, water bucket, clothes, matress.

I have only limited amount of space in both trunk and back seats of my Impreza.
Please don't bring mattress, tent, or other space consuming items to the drive :)


TRAD = Twisties Road Around Dallas.

An early morning drive to Far North Dallas twisties roads first inspired by Gregsatt, Brizey, Scottjua, Opal, myself and few other twistiesluvva (sorry if I exclude anyone who were @ TRAD 1)

Meet place: Einstein Bros Bagel's.

15th Street & Hwy 75 Central (SouthWest Corner)
1201 N. Central Expwy., Suite 1
Plano, TX 75075

Phone: (972) 881-2166
Fax: (972) 509-9106

When: Sunday, 16 January 2005
Time: 8.00am to Lunch.
Start to drive: 9.00am
Routes: E-mail me for route. (you will need to print the route yourself)

If you have a Motorola Talk About / Walkie Talkie, please bring it as well.

There may not be a professional photographer like the NTAG drive last time, but if you would like to take serious pictures of the drive, please let me know via PM / e-mail so we could discuss.

Slvr Srfr, Brizey, Gregsatt
We need to have lead for each group and the sweeper (depends how many people turn out)
I will also be one of the lead.
Those who have done this route before. I would need help.

This drive is not a race, not a competition of speed, not to show off whose car is faster or who can take corner faster, no drifting / sideways even you are really good at it.

Always remember:
We are doing this on public roads. Please appreciate other motorists.
Safety is main concern not speed. Please speed safely and enjoy the twisties :D

We should be finishing up the drive by around lunch time somewhere in Celina, TX (North of Frisco)

Then we all could eat lunch together in Frisco.
Hopefully the lunch (meet) can draw those peeps who are not a morning person to join the fun.

The lunch place is not yet decided as of this time. But I will update the place after I get more info on some possible restaurants.
In the meanwhile, if you have any suggestion of a restaurant w/ huge parking lots, please PM me or e-mail @ [email protected].

So finally...
Who's in and Who's out?

This drive is not for Subaru Cars only.
It is open to any kind / type car enthusiast from Domestic to Import.
So bring your friend if they are interested.
found this on the subaru forums thought it be fun to try out and it for a good cause.

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I'm thinking about taking this route to get to Chuck's on Saturday (15th) actually. I planned it out by directions only since the map prints out small.

(All Names in '*' signifies a town you will pass through or by...)
75n to 380e
380e to 1827n/New Hope Road
*New Hope*

1827n to 545e
*Blue Ridge*

545e to 78n to 981e


981n to 78w to 981n
981n to 69n/w

69/11n to 69n

69n to 697w/n

697/E Ida Rd

E Ida Rd right on 1st St
1st St left on E Lake Ave
E Lake Ave left on Travis St
Travis St to 75s
75s to 455w

455w to 289s
289s/Preston Rd

289s/Preston over 121 and we’re at Chuck’s.

Dan the car meet man
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I'm in w/ ~15 cars from Arlington and the dallas drift crew (r33 skyline, s14 sylvias, s13 180sx & 240's). If you're wanting to meet w/ us in arlington, email me so we can have a car count by Saturday night.

In Ur Threadz - Deleting!
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Very nice times. Had fun. Good to see Chris, Jarrod and Blake out there!

German has one NICE r33 Skyline too! Followed him for awhile...
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