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Yea, I'm a freak..
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TSB's 2002+

Below are a listing of current Document Summaries, TSB's and Misc info. A huge thanks to Hardcore and Jayman for their help in getting this info to you guys.

Document Summary_0
Ambient Temp not reading correctly.

Document Summary_1
MIL on, wont accelerate past 20mph

Document Summary_2
Open Fuse for rear tail lights

Document Summary_3
FM Radio static

Document Summary_4
Cruise Control inoperable

Document Summary_5
Hiss noice while HVAC is operating

Document Summary_6
Grease streak on windows

Document Summary_7
Cargo Net hook missing

Document Summary_8
Auto tranni leaks

Document Summary_9
Unique Flywheel bolts

Document Summary_10
Reverse Lamp goes dim

Document Summary_11
Noise from radio w/ volume at 0

Document Summary_12
Fuel gage/sending unit replacement

Document Summary_13
Instrument cluster Identification

Document Summary_14
Auto tranni wont shift past 1st gear

Document Summary_15
Parking Break Adjustment

Document Summary_16
Engine seems to run hot (QR25)

Document Summary_17
Drivers side windows/door lock

Document Summary_18
Knocking noise from engine (QR25)

Document Summary_19
CAN communications diagnostics

Document Summary_20
2.5L Windshield washers "INOP"

Document Summary_21
A/T Shift lock solenoid operation

Document Summary_22
No turn signals or 4 way flashers

Document Summary_23
Engine Overheat

Document Summary_24
Cooling fans are on all the time

Document Summary_25
2.5 Lack of power

Document Summary_26
Will not start, battery drained

Document Summary_27
Buzz noise at 2500-2700rpm , Moderate Load

Yea, I'm a freak..
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Manual Transmission Oil

Originally Posted by Nssnman
Manual Transmission Oil

Applied vehicles: 2001-2003 All Models Equipped with Manual Transmission
2004 Maxima (A34) - All Models Equipped with Manual Transmission

Service Information

If an Applied Vehicle eqiupped with Manual Transmission needs servicing for warranty repairs, Nissan Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF) HQ Multi 75W-85 oil
(P/N 999MP-MTF00P) is required.

Important Note: Nissan MTF HQ Multi 75W-85 oil must be used when performing manual transmission repairs paid by Nissan. These include warranty, service contact, or goodwill repairs. Nissan will not reimburse dealers for manual transmission repairs when Nissan MTF HQ Multi 75W-85 oil is not used.

If a manual transmission requires the oil be drained for maintenance or repair (customer pay work), 75W-85 oil is required as the service fill fluid.

Nissan recommends use of MTF HQ Multi 75W-85 oil, which optimizes shift quality, for customer pay use as well.
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